Featured Artist for July: Maureen Maryka

 Maureen Maryka copy.jpg

Meet Maureen Maryka, our featured Arrowsmith Chapter artist for the month of July. Maureen’s greatest inspiration to become an artist were her parents! As a child, Maureen remembers spending hours studying the books her dad brought home – books about Picasso, Matisse, Andrew Wyeth, to name just a few. They also collected some beautiful original art over the years, both traditional and abstract, which she loved. She has also been influenced in her painting by many she considers to be the best in the world…Canadian painters such as Tom Thompson, Robert Genn, Bruno Cote (a few of her favourites.)

LowTideOnTheWestCoastTrail.jpg Maureen Maryka copy.jpg

Low Tide on the West Coast Trail

Maureen describes her style of painting as “a modern-impressionistic style, creating mostly landscapes and skyscapes, using acrylics.” Elements within her work that she considers important are color, texture, and movement.

WispsAndBillows.jpg Maureen Maryka copy.jpg

Wisps and Billows

When asked what her guiding word or thought is for creating her work, she said,  “As an intuitive painter, my guiding thought is that every brushstroke affects both the last and the next brushstroke. The fun part of painting is to see where this process takes you.”

FallingBelowTheMist.jpg Maureen Maryka copy.jpg

Falling Below the Mist

Maureen and her husband moved to Quadra Island seven years ago. Her husband took on the huge project of building a timber-frame studio for her with a view onto Discovery Passage.  There is a wonderful hanging/lighting system for display, and lovely light to paint by.  And, as a  bonus, it’s  just steps from her house!

StudioExterior2014.jpg Maureen Maryka copy.jpg

Studio Exterior


StudioInterior.jpg Maureen Maryka copy.jpg

Studio Interior

Maureen’s advice to an emerging or aspiring artist is that of the late Robert Genn:    “Commit and correct”. She believes that, “Rather than tentatively deciding exactly how a painting should progress, better results usually come from making bold strokes, with adjustments being made after.”

Maureen is planning to apply for her Signature status with the FCA in the next couple of years, and she is hoping to create a greater gallery presence in BC and beyond. You can view more of Maureen’s work at her website, www.marykastudios.com  You can also follow her on Facebook (Maureen Maryka Facebook) or follow her on Twitter (MarykaArt). To contact Maureen,  email her at maureen@marykastudios.com.

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