I hate missing out on something great, don’t you? I really am disappointed when I hear about an event after the fact, and I would have LOVED to have attended, or been a part of it. I’m really bummed when I miss a sale of something I’ve been wanting for a long time, and then I have to pay full price.

Well, this is like that. Don’t be disappointed. Don’t miss out. This is going to be really great – something to get truly excited about. There’s only ever one FIRST, and THIS IS IT!!! 

Come out to our inaugural meeting of ART CONVERSATIONS on February 14th. You won’t want to miss this bi-monthly meeting of our chapter where we can connect as artists, dream of possibilities, build relationships within community and collaborate in the sharing of ideas. 

In a safe, respectful environment, diversity of thought and creative expression will be valued. We’ll support each other, embracing our differences and learning from one other as we share the art in our hearts! Conversations will be welcomed with everyone able to contribute in his or her own unique way.

Set the date in your calendar. Invite chapter members who might not know about Art Conversations yet. It’s going to be a very special day! See you there!!!

Here’s all the details:


When:  VALENTINE’S DAY, Thursday February 14, 2019

Where:  Qualicum Beach Civic Centre

Time:   10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Facilitator:  Anne Lihou

TOPIC FOR 1ST MEETING:        GETTING STARTED: Brainstorming session of ideas for topics YOU would like to explore in the months ahead; your input is vital!

WHAT TO BRING: Your own refreshments; your enthusiasm and your ideas


“Art is (also) a conversation. It starts as one between parts of ourself, between our memories, our fears, our joys, our archive of experiences, our influences, our dreams, our skills, and then it becomes manifest. It steps our into the world.”  

“Our creations want to be part of a dialogue. To tell the world, I felt this. I discovered this, I dreamt this – did you too?”

“And when I see what you made, read what you wrote, hear what you sing, I am more complete. I am inspired. Your art becomes an ingredient dropped into the cauldron of my imagination. Our minds meld, and issue forth a new creation.”

quoted from Danny Gregory’s post “How to get naked”, http:/, January 15, 2019


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