The little town of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan has come up with a great idea to save a part of the Convent of Jesus and Mary, a National Historic Site and heritage landmark, and our very own artist, Lucy Wallace, has a special part in it!

After the nuns left Gravelbourg’s Convent of Jesus and Mary, it was used as the town’s secular elementary and high school up until 2016. Lucy attended grades 1-10 in the convent.  The convent’s chapel (a smaller separate building from the main convent) was where special religious events attached to the convent took place. Lucy remembers the chapel as having such a serene atmosphere that the school kids didn’t act out when attending those special events…a small miracle in itself!

Chapel 1.jpg
The Chapel, Gravelbourg Couvent Jésus Marie

The convent is no longer in use as the upkeep and general maintenance of the building became too expensive and expansive. Repair is beyond the means of the town, so its future is uncertain. However, the chapel is being transformed – into an art gallery!!!

Chapel 2.jpg
The Chapel, Gravelbourg Couvent Jésus Marie


Chapel 3.jpg
The Chapel, Gravelbourg Couvent Jésus Marie

The person spearheading the work on the chapel heard about Lucy’s art work from people in her hometown who follow Lucy on Facebook. He approached Lucy, asking to buy some of her paintings for the collection they want to build for the gallery. Of course, Lucy accepted! Lucy’s paintings will be in a permanent collection in the chapel, along with several restored old paintings,  many of which were previously in the convent.

Wallace, Lucy. Great Horned Owl, Soft Pastels 12x16.jpg
Great Horned Owl, soft pastels, 12″ x 16″

In the midst of Lucy’s excitement about the Chapel being turned into an art gallery is one regret. Her father, who died five years ago, “was always a huge supporter of my artistic efforts as a kid and beyond. I wish he had lived long enough to see my paintings hanging in the chapel.”

Wallace, Lucy. Steely Expression, Soft Pastels 12 x16.jpg
Steely Expression, soft pastels, 12″ x 16″

Congratulations, Lucy. We are so happy for you, and proud of you!

Wallace, Lucy. Antlers with Bokeh, Soft Pastels on Velour Paper 12x16.jpg
Antlers with Bokeh, soft pastels on velour paper, 12″ x 16″

Photographs of the Chapel of the former Gravelbourg Couvent Jésus Marie posted with the kind permission of Bouvier Photography  Website:

If you are interested to see more of Lucy Wallace’s art,  please contact her at




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