Demo Artist at March meeting – don’t miss this!

A wonderful artist, Madeline Wood, is coming to our March meeting to demo her techniques and approach to painting! You won’t want to miss this…she creates amazing paintings. To give you a taste of what’s in store for us, here is a bit about Madeline along with photos of some of her work. You can also check out more of her creativity on her website:, or contact her:

Madeline Wood.jpg
Madeline Wood

I design my work to create a quiet intimacy with my subjects. I take the viewer into the voluptuous folds of a rose, the intricate tributaries of a leaf, or the suggestion of human postures in still life arrangements.

Silk Radiance

Arbutus tree bark in various degrees of exfoliation, with evolving colours and dramatic patterns, continues my examining of abstractions in the natural world.


The more familiar intimacies of body fragments and beds with their human impressions explore these same elements where reality blurs into abstraction.

you_dreamer 2.jpg
You Dreamer



Ultimately, I want my paintings to feel both familiar and mysterious at the same time.

Chile Mix

Born and raised in BC, I studied at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and completed my MFA at Concordia University in 1996. I then established my art practice in Vancouver and moved into the Comox Valley in 2010. I am currently represented by three commercial galleries and open my studio annually for the Central Island Studio Tour. I also welcome students.


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