Artist of the Month

JACQUELINE DUNN: Artist for June

Our Artist of the Month for June, Jacqueline Dunn, is a well known painter, not only in Canada, but also internationally!

Jacqueline Dunn

Jacqueline paints in a Modern Impressionist style in oil and acrylic paints. She beautifully captures the forests and streams of Vancouver Island in her paintings.

I am “at home” in the forest.  Velvet greens, dappled light, whispering canopies and damp smelling earth.  The forest is alive and I am at home there.

Jacqueline’s earliest memories as a child are of “colored pencils, bits of paper and sacred time alone.” From a young age, she has had a great passion for painting: “I see and feel the pulsating beauty and I am driven to translate it.”

Throughout her art career, Jacqueline has had many influences: Emily Car, Tom Thomson, Turner, Monet, Renoir, Thomas Kincade, Mayfield Parish, and more recently, Linda Wilder and Mike Svob. (Jacqueline studied for 3 years at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, majoring in painting!)

Her studio space is inspirational and a place of gratitude for Jacqueline:

“I designed it over many years and when we moved to Qualicum Bay three years ago, we built it.  It is just as I had dreamed: skylights, floor to ceiling windows, french doors and an alcove for sewing.  350 square feet in the forest.  It’s perfect.”

When asked what advice she would give to an emerging or aspiring artist, Jacqueline says: “Work:  If you are sad, scared, bored, fed up, uninspired, lonely, filled with joy and a sense of wonder….work/ plan and study.”

“Coming Home”

As far as her future goes, Jacqueline told us that “The forest is always evolving and I am evolving within and alongside of it.  I plan to follow that stream and see where it takes me.  Worlds within worlds are coming into focus.”

We wish you much continued joy and success, Jacqueline!

If you would like to see more of Jacqueline Dunn’s work, or to contact her, please visit her artist website at

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