Artist of the Month

Therese Johnston: Artist of the Month for November

Therese at work in her studio

Therese describes herself as a semi-abstract painter who has worked in oils, pastels, water colours, collage and now her preferred medium, acrylics. She usually works in series, painting a wide variety of subject matter such as musicians, birds, floral, geishas, houses and landscapes.

While living in the lower mainland, Therese became involved with the Federation of Canadian Artists. She took many workshops, learning design and the fundamental principles of composition. As a result, she was able to achieve the sought-after “Signature Status” with the Federation of Canadian Artists (AFCA) and with the Canadian Society of Artists (SCA).

There have been many artists who have nurtured and influenced Therese in her career, but two stand out and those are Louise LaChance Legault and Donna Baspaly.

Therese’s dream of a studio would be a room with a lot of natural light, a lot of storage, space for a table and an easel while being able to leave the mess and close the door. Fortunately the dream recently came true!

Therese encourages aspiring artists to persevere in their pursuit of their dream. They should get involved in art groups, take workshops and make time to create. The goal of all artists should be to reach a higher level of accomplishment, whether it be in self-satisfaction or artistically.

For more information about the artist or to see more of Therese’s work, go to her website

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