Our Deep Gratitude

There are people we all know who volunteer, and we appreciate each one. But there are very few who have the gift of service, which is above and beyond volunteering. In our chapter, we are so blessed to have two of those rare and special members who have the gift of service, and have used it for our benefit over many years. The road has often been difficult, time consuming, beyond what they ever thought they would have to do, yet these beautiful ladies continued to serve and devote their time and love to the artists who have been a part of our membership over the years.

Laura Hilts.jpeg
Laura Hilts, past president
Judith Creighton.jpeg
Judith Crichton, past membership coordinator

We are deeply grateful for Laura Hilts and Judith Crichton, each of whom is stepping down from the positions they were currently holding. Thank you, Laura, for your years of guiding our chapter as the president, as well as in the other capacities which you filled. Thank you, Judith, for welcoming each new member with warm friendship and encouragement, and keeping us all up to date with our memberships.

“Thank you” does not seem adequate to express what we feel for all that each of you has contributed to make our chapter a vibrant and caring community. But because words are all we have, we say “thank you” with deep gratitude, appreciation and love.

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